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Published: 25th May 2011
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Many people who are big and fat searching solution on how to get lost weight. Many try medicine and diet but it doesn't work. In our technology now lipo suction is the best solution they say. In Philippines there are a lot of Filipina try lipo specially the Filipino artist. Lipo is a fat burner that has a six major ingredients. Lipo is a surgical technique that's will improves body's contour by removing fats. Lipo also involves use of small stainless steel tube that's we call cannula its came from the Latin word reed, tube, cane.

In history the modern techniques of body contouring and removal fats was originated by the French. Removal of very large volumes of fat is complex and potentially life-threatening procedure. There are some people who are dream to lost weight of fats are the good candidate of lipo. Not everyone are good alternative to dieting or exercising. But there are many are candidate but not all.Lipo ingredients are contained of caffeine, citrus, coleus forskohlii, bioperie and the last is yohimbine. There are only two that people well know and that's is Ephedrine and caffeine. Its use to fat burning. Citrus does cannot really burn the fats.

There are many several different lipo procedure. Like alternative treatment. Many people wonder lipo can really burn fats and lost weight and if it is a right solution for them. But there are some say that lipo is not really a good and safe choice of losing weight or burn fats. If you have a big or heavy weight much better to have a regular diet and exercise. And you should avoided sweet foods like: chocolates, ice cream, cake, soft drinks. If you can't eat without soft drink, lemon juice is safe its can also burn fats. Mix it into hot water so that fats will burn faster. and eat vegetables, it can also helps you burn fats. Stop drinking fresh milk. And stop eating foods that's has sugar. You should have proper break fast, lunch and dinner, never eat snacks or junk foods. Sky flakes can help you avoided starvation. If you feel hungry just eat biscuits and a lot of water. Every time you eat drink a lot of water cause water can makes your tummy full so that you won't eat more cause of water.

Don't sleep too much its can also makes you heavy. Just sleep normal and never and never sleep 30 minutes after you eat. After you ear don't set down just stand up. And after that do your simple exercise. Lipo now is popular even though is not safe but there are some people who are hard headed they just do it because excersice is not easy and is can't burn fats in just a several hour. Unlike lipo it can burn fats less than 24 hours.If you want to be sexy just do your regular exsercice carefull of your health and make your diet safe, good and perfect.

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